Bulletin of The Week

                                              The Church at Study


Song Service                                                                                                                                       Lee Venis


Superintendent’s Remarks                                                                                                              JoAnn Vozar


Adult Sabbath School                                                                                                                      Carol Buhler




Stewardship Thought 

      Those churches who are the most systematic and liberal in sustaining the cause of God, are the most prosperous spiritually.  RH 1884





URGENT Prayer Needs:         Maynard Tennant, Ellie Mitchell, Tom Purdy, Jim Evans




6:00pm Jim Fisher Memorial Service - Join us this evening to remember our dear brother, Jim.  After the service will be a potluck Haystack dinner for family & friends.  Bring to share : ingredients for haystacks and memories for the fellowship.



 - July 14 - 10am - Church Family Fun Day- You can make this an outreach event. Feel Free to invite those on your prayer list to join us for this day of fun and fellowship.  Bring plenty of food to share, chairs, hat, and sun protection.  (In case of rain, we'll move into the gym.)  There will be a softball game at 10am (bring your mitt)and organized games for all ages throughout the day (including water balloon games). Whether you play games or just enjoy chatting - come to be blessed and  be a blessing.


Prayer Meeting 

       Intercessory Prayer 6:30pm | Song Service 6:45pm | Bible Study & Prayer 7:00pm


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                                                       Coming Events



- Family Vespers - July 20 - 6:00pm - Jim & Wilma Keifer, 17235 Hillside Drive, Mt Vernon.


- Fundraiser Haystacks Dinner for MVE - Sunday 21 - 4-6pm. - School Gymnasium - Donations will be used to get hot water to the classrooms and restrooms.


- 4th Friday Film Night - July 26 - 6:30pm


- Family Vespers - July 27 - 6:00pm - Patty Casto, 5 Willow Street Ext., Mount Vernon


- Picnic in the Park - August 3 - Merrin Park (weather permitting)


Sabbath Ends Tonight:  9:00pm         Next Sabbath Begins Friday:  8:56pm




      Fredericktown Seventh-day Adventist Church


                      The Church at Worship - July 13, 2019


The Welcome Hymn                                   "Over Yonder"  (vs 1)                                                         No. 431

Stewardship Nugget                                                                                                                            Pastor Ron

Welcome and Announcements                                                                                                            Mark Sisley


Introit                                                         Open Our Eyes, Lord                        (congregation kneels)


Invocation                                                                                                                                              Mark Sisley


Song Service                                                                                                                                   Christina Coffing

Hymn of Praise                                              "We Have This Hope"                                                               No. 214

Hymn of Praise                                         "Worthy, Worthy is the Lamb"                                                        No. 246


Call to Worship                                                     #856

*Opening Song                                                   Majesty

Worship In Giving                                 NAD Women's Ministries                                                          Chris Mitchell


* Doxology and Prayer


Children's Story                             Children's Ministry Offering                                                         Evelyn Elbin


Garden of Prayer                                                                                               Pastor Ron with help form ?

Prayer Song:                                                "I Cast All My Care"                                          (Congregation kneels)

Special Music                                                                                                                                   Kelly Russell


Scripture  Reading                                       Ephesians 5:14-16                                                      Yolanda Coyl


Sermon                                             "The Immensity of God's Love"                                               Pastor Ron 


Hymn of Dedication                                   "The Wonder of It All"                                                           No. 076

*Benediction                                                                                                                                        Pastor Ron

*Congregation Stands

   Please Wait for our row to be dismissed by the deacon.




Quote of the Day:    

        Christ formed within, the hope of glory, can alone expand the mind.  The apostle Paul felt oppressed under a sense of the immensity of the great gift of God through Christ, and he could only bow his knees, and find refuge in prayer, beseeching the God of our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ to make us able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height, and to know the love of God which passeth knowledge that we might be filled with all the fulness of God.  

Be free in the Lord.  Do not ponder over the past; it will do no good.  Press forward.  …..Look, as God presents Christ to the eye prepared to behold Him; He will not cease until the soul is fully conformed to His image.



-Letter to S.N. Haskell * March 18, 1892 * Ltll-1892