Bulletin of The Week 


                              The Church at Study


Song Service                                                                                           Karyn Peacock


Superintendent’s Remarks                                                                  JoAnn Vozar


Adult Sabbath School                                                                                 Jim Keifer


Outreach Thought 

 Thus it should be.  A living church is a working church.      Manuscript 106-1902




 October Prayer Meetings at the Church-  with Jay Russell - 7:00pm, Wednesday.


Worshiping Together (Safely):

 As a sign of respect and love for our congregation, the Fredericktown SDA Church will comply with the current State of Ohio mandate that requires face masks be worn at all times during church services.  Please social distance when possible, enjoy our conversations outside in the fresh air, and stagger your seating in the sanctuary.  Sanitation Stations and disposable face masks are available at each entrance.


The service will be streamed each week via You Tube, and Zoom if you are unable to attend.


October is Spirit-of-Prophecy Month at your Local Adventist Book Center.  Learn more about Ellen G. White's books at AdventistBookCenter.com/Spiritofprophecy.  Be sure to use our Ambassador Church code 36036 t checkout on the ABC website.


Constant Active Dependence -  Me intentionally choosing to give my all to Jesus as I rely on His strength moment by moment.



Bulletin Info - NO LATER THAN 7pm Tuesday to: Pam Cooper - 614-306-1125 - mimi.cooper7@gmail.com 



Coming Events- 


  • Church Board - Monday, October 12 @ 7:00pm


  • Memorial Service for Sonya Bishop - October 18, 2020 @ 1:00 p.m.- Fredericktown SDA Church


Sab. Ends Today:   6:56 pm        Next Sab. Begins Friday:   6:47 pm











                Fredericktown Seventh-day  

                               Adventist Church The Church at Worship

                                                   September 19, 2020


  The Welcome Hymn      "Come Ye Thankful People"  (vs 1 & 4 only)    No. 557


Outreach Ministry  Nugget                                                               Outreach Team


  Welcome and Announcements                                                             Jay Russell


  Introit                                       In Moments Like These                  (congregation kneels)


  Invocation                                                                                                 Jay Russell


  Song Service                                                                                           Pat Shuster

  Hymn of Praise                        "All Glory, Laud and Honor"                           No. 230


    Hymn of Praise                    “My Song Shall Be of Jesus"                           No. 244


  Call to Worship                                    #873                                        Pat Shuster


   *Opening Song                                 Majesty


  Worship In Giving             Voice of Prophecy World Budget         Jay Russell


  * Doxology and Prayer          


  Children's Story                 Children's Ministry Offering                      Jay Russell


  Garden of Prayer                                              Jay Russell  With help from Flora

  Prayer Song:                           "I Cast All My Care"                (Congregation kneels)


  Special Music                                                             Flora, Rowan and Grandma


  Scripture  Reading                            John 1:1                            Annalise Russell


  Sermon                                        “Words That Are Food”                  Jim Beverly


Hymn of Dedication                           “Trust and Obey”                           No. 590


  *Benediction                                                                                         Jim Beverly


  *Congregation Stands

   Please Wait for our row to be dismissed by the deacon.




                                                   Quote of the Day:



“He that will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow me.” … The burden that rests upon my soul is, have you given your heart to Jesus Christ, and do you love with your whole heart, your whole soul, your whole mind, and your whole strength? This is required of all who become children of God.  Do we give Him who gave His life for us that confidence, that faith that  works by love and purifies the soul? Self love and self indulgence will become our master if we do not guard against the temptation.


Manuscript Release#43-1900 ( August 2, 1900)











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