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EXERCISE: "Sufficient exercise is imperative for good health for two reasons:
One- it will tone your muscles, improve digestion, increase metabolism, keep your eliminating organs working effectively, and contribute to better function of all your organs and glands.                                                
Two- It will increase and improve tissue oxygenation.  Lack of oxygen in your cells contributes to premature aging.  Vigorous daily exercise will keep all your cells andand tissue in peak efficiency.  How To Get Well by Paavo Airola p. 200  "Fresh air will prove far more beneficial to sick persons than medicine....Thousands have died for want of pure water and air, who might have lived." COH pg. 55

MODERATION IN EATING: Dr. Agatha Thrash states: "If eating were controlled by hunger, and one stopped eating when hunger was satisfied...and if he would train the body to wait five or more hours after the end of the last meal, he world have a lot more strength and vitality.  99% of Fatigue is associated with overeating in one way or another... It is the rule of digestion that the benefit we derive from our food, as well as the satisfaction from it, depends more on the length of time the food spends in the mouth than on the quantity eaten.  Many stomach complaints and much overweight could be avoided by taking small bites and chewing well."

CHEWING THOROUGHLY:  Fletcher, a man who was known for eating small quantities of food, and yet chewing the food well, was known for attaining excellence in health.

The immense rewards of these habits of control:

A) not taking one bite between meals - no snacks  B) Chewing food very well C) Stop eating when moderately satisfied - do not overeat!!!
All of these will be a very great help in improving the health.  Especially reduce the quantity of food eaten in the evening. You will sleep better at night and get out of bed easier the next morning. Carolee Bateson-Koch, DC ND in her book on Allergies p. 117 states that most allergies result from not properly chewing food.  When food is chewed very well there is a much greater quantity of enzymes mixed with the food resulting in much better digestion and assimilation.

EATING LESS: "Systematic under-eating is the NUMBER-ONE health and longevity secret. Overeating, on the other hand, even of health foods, is one of the main causes of disease and premature aging....Food eaten in excess of actual body need, acts in the system as a poison.  It interferes with proper digestion of nutrients....

"The unbelievable truth is that the less you eat, the less hungry you feel, because the food will be more efficiently
digested and better utilized." How To Get Well pg. 199 by Paavo Airola

THE STORY IS TOLD of a man and his son who were placed in a prison camp in a time of war. They were fed on a 'starvation diet.' They focused on chewing their food very well and holding it in the mouth for an extended time. They survived the ordeal and outlived many others around them who perished.
DR. SAMUEL WEST in his book The Golden Seven Plus One p. 217 states:  "As you free your body from poisons, your generators turn on.  Therefore, the cleaner our system is, the less food will be
required for energy.  The more toxic your body is, the greater will be your desire for food.  The sad
thing is that the excess food you eat turns into toxic waste, which compounds the problem and will continue to keep you from getting well."

REMEMBER: Eating is a moral issue.  Control of appetite is very important.  "The controlling power
Testimonies For The Church volume 3, p. 396-397
RAW FRUITS AND VEGETABLES are full of live enzymes.  It is a great benefit to start meals with a
good portion of fresh-live-raw fruits or vegetables.  Eating raw foods TO START your meals supplies the
body with an abundance of live enzymes which relieve the Pancreas of overworking and greatly helps to
digest the cooked food that is eaten for the second part of the meal.  On the average 50% raw foods in
the diet is excellent.

BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES:  May be called one of the most beneficial of foods - being rich in
magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron as well as trace minerals. 1-3 TBS per day is a good average.
"Crude Black Molasses" by Cyril Scott- mentions great benefit for Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Blood
Clots, Colitis, Paralysis, Varicose Veins and many other things.

POTASSIUM BROTH:  This broth is very healthy and fundamental for cleansing the body. 1-3 pints per
day can be drunk as part of your daily liquid intake.  This alkalizes the blood and urine and helps the body
eliminate waste such as uric acid.  It improves kidney function.  It has Potassium, Magnesium and Iron.
It is a great liquid to use during a fast.  Simply chop up Onions, Celery and Potatoes.  Add 2 inches of
water above the top of the vegetable line, boil and simmer for 30 or so minutes.  Throw out vegetables
and use broth.  Store extra in refrigerator.  Drink warm or cold.

ROCKET FUEL--Immune Boosting Drink

Blend smooth:

2 squeezed lemons (1\2 cup)
2 inches fresh ginger (thumb size)
6-8 cloves garlic (I use 8 cloves)
1\4 onion
2 TB.  honey
Pinch to 1\2 tsp. cayenne (I use 1\2 tsp.)
Then add: Hot water to make 1 quart.
Sit down -- Drink down -- (over 24 hour period) -- Take off!



Spray Eucalyptus oil in the air of the sick room to stop the spread of germs.

1 Grapefruit, 1 Orange, 1 Lime, 1 Lemon

Essential oils-- 1 tsp..lemon, lime, eucalyptus
Refrigerate in a spray bottle.

For a PDF version of the reciepes click: Rocket Fuel 

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